My life, my journey of variances, is a full one…too full sometimes. I mostly doubt that anything I have to say will be of value to anyone.  This blog is my rebellious strife against that doubt. I nurse this bright, irrepressible spark of belief  that my experiences and learnings in life have a purpose and will be of value to another sojourner.

Relationships make life.

Grounds and Blends has been simmering for a lifetime in my head and for over 2 years on this platform.  Ideas and thoughts come and go, but at its heart is a gentle desire to share my ‘aha’, final-piece-of-the-puzzle-dropping-in-place moments. The biggest of these is this foundational realization that relationships make life. Everything I am right now and will be someday, is shaped by the relationships in my life. I blog in the hope that my realizations might resonate with you and shine some light in your path.

So welcome fellow traveler, to my home of musings; my quiet, reflective world away from the busyness that permeates my life, where I reflect on the things that matter to me. My only prayer is that my worldview has a wide angle lens that is wide enough for you to peer through and relate.

Image Credit: http://www.wholehealthinsider.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/hot-coffee.jpg

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